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Mar 30 / Jeff

Spring Harvest

It’s time to clear out the garden of the winter vegetables and start planting the summer crops. The broccoli turned out really well:

Although, they do take up a lot of space (2′ x 2′ each), so for smaller gardens, I would only recommend planting a few at a time. However, nothing beats the taste of fresh, organic broccoli.

I also found a few of these guys hiding in the leaves:

Again, it’s a very space-intensive crop, so it’s difficult to plant a lot of them. Unfortunately, one of the cauliflowers was eaten by Bella, our resident West Highland White Terrier. I really can’t get upset, because she is eating her vegetables!

Next week, I will be planting the spring/summer vegetables, so stay tuned for more pictures and “How-To” articles…

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