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Apr 5 / Jeff

Ever Seen a Westie Eating Cauliflower?

Last week I noticed that some of the cauliflower in the garden was eaten. It couldn’t have been any type of insect, since it was a large amount. I don’t think the neighborhood cats eat cauliflower… but what about dogs?


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  1. Lana Stanley / Feb 13 2013

    My Cairn terrier loves all veggies (with the exception of lettuce) and has even “planted” a few cherry tomato vines for us.

    • Johan / Dec 17 2016

      My cairn also loves veggies and loves gardening. Broccolli is one of his favourites. He will also graze lettuce and beans fresh in the garden. Once, he found a cucumber in the garden and I have never seen him as excited about anything off of a plant. Peas in any form they come, however, he will never touch.

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