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Nov 22 / Jeff

Drip Irrigation Fun

If you saw my last post, you would know that I am working on putting in a new garden to increase my growing capabilities. The first step was quite intensive, building a raised-bed garden and incorporating over 30 cubic feet of soil amendments. The next logical step is to install a drip irrigation system to make things easier. Sure, putting one in is a pain in the ass, but it’s really a good long-term investment. Avoid hand watering the plants. Avoid forgetting to water the plants. Avoid dead plants. So, how much of a pain is it?


Try digging a 8″ deep trench for about 70 feet. By hand.

Then, try running pipe underneath a concrete path.

Ok, so it was actually pretty easy. Get a garden hose, connect it to a PVC pipe, turn on the water, and flush your way through to the other side. Once all of the trenches are complete, start laying out the drip tubing. I favor Toro Blue Stripe 1/2″ tubing.

More tubing…

After hooking up the drip line to the new garden and burying everything, the final step is to put in the 1/4″ drip line for the few plants I have at the moment. A few tomatoes at the bottom of the garden and a few herbs at the top.

Some of you may be wondering if I am crazy trying to grow tomatoes in the winter. This brings me to the 3rd phase of my garden project – building a structure that will serve a dual purpose: provide shade during the summer and protection from the cold during the winter. That’s right, I will be building a mini-greenhouse using floating row cover fabric. This will help raise the temperature and protect the plants during the few days of frost/freeze we receive each year.

But that’s for another day. Perhaps sooner than later as it looks like we will be experiencing our first freeze warning Thanksgiving Day…

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