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Nov 9 / Jeff

I Want a Bigger Garden

It was inevitable. I was bound to expand my garden sooner or later. It turns out that time is now. There is a space on the south side of the house that is pretty much useless. Some fruit trees and a patch of rocks that serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Except for enticing me to expand my garden. Since the weather finally cooled down, I decided it was time to roll up the sleeves and start digging.

First step, remove the rocks. This is where a rake and shovel come in handy…

When I put in the rocks 5 years ago, I made a point to put down weed barrier fabric. I am glad I did, because I was able to clear the rocks in a lot less time.  No dirt, no mess. After cutting the fabric and setting it aside, the next step is to dig!

Oops! What is this? A layer of concrete? Haha, lazy construction workers must have been a little careless when they were building the house. Turns out there was a 1″ layer of concrete in this entire area. So I had to chip away little by little and remove big chunks of concrete before I could do any digging. Finally, the fun begins.

I dug to about 8-10″ below ground level to create a nice base for the garden. Note that I will be creating a raised-bed garden so I will be adding about 4-6″ on top for a total of about 12-16″. After removing large rocks and breaking down big clods of dirt, it was time to start adding soil amendments. A good mixture of compost, forest mulch, peat moss, and organic fertilizers transforms the native soil into an ideal growing medium.

Build it a bit higher, slowing adding the various components and mixing them thoroughly to ensure uniformity.

Put together the wood border and secure using anchor joints. Clean up and put the rocks back nicely. Voila!

Next time, i’ll work on the irrigation, as well as a frame that will serve a dual purpose – cold frame in the winter and shade screen in the summer. Stay tuned!

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