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About Jeff

I am an Arizona native, born and raised. I started gardening at the age of 4 and I remember planting carrots in our small backyard garden. Ever since that moment, I have been fascinated with plants. Throughout my younger years, my main interest was with fruits and vegetables, particularly hard to grow varieties. I enjoy the challenge of growing something that is difficult, or downright impossible.  Ever seen blueberries thrive in a desert climate? I have 🙂 Though to be honest, I went through 6 different varieties, in 3 different locations, with various soils, fertilizers, and watering patterns, just to determine the ideal conditions.

During my high school  years, I actively participated in the National FFA Organization, earning awards in Business Management and Landscape Management competitions. I also ran a small herb nursery at the local Chandler Farmer’s Market. Did I make a lot of money? Heck no, but I enjoyed what I did and I learned a few things along the way.

I attended Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and earned both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. I contributed to research focusing on optimizing greenhouse crop production by precisely controlling sunlight and carbon dioxide levels through a software algorithm. Huh?? If you are bored, look up U.S. Patent 7,502,655.

Fast forward to today… I am still busy in the backyard trying out new varieties, such as loganberries, raspberries, and passion fruit. I realize many people are interested in growing their own food these days. The organic movement has definitely picked up momentum in the past decade, with consumers demanding safer foods to eat without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Or maybe you are simply looking to pick up a new hobby and enjoy the outdoors.

Either way, start a garden today! It’s a lot easier than it sounds. Believe me.

So read on… learn a new thing or two. Try it out for yourself. Ask me questions or leave me a comment. My goal is to help change the world, one garden at a time.